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Brad Whitehead

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ü        Major Accomplishments: Created IPTV distributed broadcast system used by 100,000 worldwide users.  Established large file caching business and lead successful product development and beta testing.  Jointly created award-winning business plan. Four patents generated through original research.

ü        Personal qualities: Creative, self-motivated, enjoy working in skilled teams, like to “get things done”, excellent communication skills.

ü        Expertise: Algorithm design and research, multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving, product start-up, system architecture.  Main programming expertise areas; Client/Server, network, kernel-level (drivers), algorithms.



M. A. Sc, Computer Systems Engineering, Carleton University                                 2007

·         Thesis:  Scalable techniques for filtering invalid TCP connections and tracking flow duration on resource limited embedded devices (e.g. routers).

·         Notable Projects: Scalability analysis of Linux socket select methods (asynchronous sockets, Epoll, poll, select).  Context switching implementation in POSIX kernel.

·         Two patents-pending, one publication (ICC 2007), one pending publication.

B. Eng, High Distinction, Computer Systems Engineering, Carleton                         2004

·         Project: Developed and simulated scalable Anycast-style client connection method.  Implemented mid-point TCP/IP stack to track large file transfer activity.

·         Top of class for FPGA-based Viterbi decoder design (Verilog on Xilinx).



Architect and Programmer,                          2004, 2007

·         Created a guitar and instrument tuning web-based service based on original custom designed DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms.

·         Conducted research and development of highly accurate DSP tuning algorithm.

·         Implemented GUI in AWT and Swing, mic recording using Java Sound API.

·         Developed in C (5,000 lines), ported to JAVA applet.  Deployed using Apache/PHP on Linux.

Architect and Programmer,                             2007

·         Created patent-pending Query-By-Humming song search service.

·         Research and development resulted in Fourier transform replacement providing enhanced time and frequency resolution.

·         Created original search method based on fuzzy logic matching concepts.

·         Designed simple but effective server-side processing architecture resulting in scalable and distributed query processing system.

·         Implemented GUI in AWT and Swing, mic recording using Java Sound API, compression with Speex library, matching algorithm in C on Linux.

·         Developed in C (25,000 lines), JAVA (applet, 1,000 lines), SSE2 x86 assembly.  Deployed using Apache/PHP/exe on Linux.

Software Engineer/Researcher, Alcatel-Lucent                                                  2006

·         Worked in 15 person team to develop next-generation XML-based web services network appliance focused on service deployment, security, and corp. governance.

·         Developed in C++ (15,000 lines), shell scripts, JAVA, SQL, JSP, Hibernate, and Linux (CentOS and RedHat), followed Object Oriented Design (OOD/OOP).

·         Led integration of the three major system components, responsible for overall system infrastructure.

·         Developed system update solution, error handling, application startup and shutdown, debugging routines, runtime environment.

Graduate Researcher, Alcatel                                                                          2005

·         Independently created two patent-pending technologies for monitoring network traffic on high-speed network devices (also in masters thesis).

·         Developed network simulator in C based on packet traces, including implementations of Ethernet/IP/TCP parsing, Bloom filters, and d-left hashing.

Architect and Programmer, Xelif –                                     2004-2005

·         Conceived and developed a Peer-To-Peer and HTTP caching system.

·         Developed in C (authored 75,000 lines of 105,000 lines total).  Deployed on Linux (server), Win2000/XP (client and server), Apache/PHP (web page), cross-platform.

·         Responsible for scalable client/server architecture including communications, custom protocol design (UDP and TCP/IP), encryption, client handling, server load balancing and selection, database design, custom file-system interface, library code.

·         Analyzed and reverse engineered popular protocols; HTTP, FastTrack, BitTorrent, Gnutella, eDonkey.  Implemented the listed protocols.

·         Developed WinNT/Win2000/WinXP device driver (TDI and Protocol layers), including IRP connection “pausing”.

·         Developed MAC-level pass-through Linux kernel network driver.

·         Developed client using Win32 network, and GUI (GDI) libraries.  Implemented driver communication routines, database design.

Architect and Programmer, GTV -                           2000-2003

·         Created server to distribute real-time video data streams to users world-wide (IPTV).

·         Reverse engineered quake 3 network protocol (UDP based).

·         Designed flexible and scalable application-level multicast architecture to support thousands of concurrent real-time clients (peak loads of 4,000 users).

·         Responsible for client/server architecture, advanced proxy design, and network/CPU optimization.

·         Developed in C (30,000 lines), reverse engineering in x86 assembly, eventually re-architected and integrated directly into a larger code-base (Quake 3 - 500,000 lines).  Deployed on both Linux and Win32 (all development was cross-platform).



President and Founder, Ankora Technologies, Inc. –

·         Responsible for initial startup; secured first testing partnerships, obtained pre-seed funding from Carleton Foundry program.

·         Conceived and developed several ideas from start to finish through design, implementation, testing, deployment, marketing, and user experience evaluation.

·         Arranged testing agreements with Carleton University to beta test Xelif system.

·         Our team competed in and won the 2004 $20,000 Technology Venture Challenge, and 2004 $10,000 Wes Nicol Business Plan Competitions.

Founder, GTV -

·         Handled media relations, marketing, and growth of user base, reaching 100,000+ worldwide users at peak.  Managed 10 person broadcast team at events.

·         Handled inter-company relationships and contract negotiation with id Software.


·         Speech recognition, artificial intelligence, 3d rendering (OpenGL), 3d representations (BSP trees).

·         Hobbies: Guitar, Pottery, Astronomy, Electronics (Analog and FPGA).

·         Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario - Set up province-wide BBS messaging system.

·         Managed/Owned two rental properties.

·         Carleton Masters Swimming.


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